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A Look Ahead at Libra Season

Happy autumn equinox to those in the northern hemisphere, and happy spring equinox to those in the southern hemisphere! May this shift in seasons bring exactly what you need to connect deeply to the Earth and all the abundance she provides us.


Currently, we have six retrograde planets: Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Uranus, and Pluto. Most everyone I know is feeling the deep rewiring that comes when we review, reassess, and reconsider what we’d like our lives, our communities, and the world around us to look and feel like. And as we move into Libra season, the energetic current will pull us to examine relationships on a much more granular level. As we pull out our microscopes to poke and prod, let us also remember to soar above and look at things from a condor’s point of view as well. Libra is all about balance. 



Looking ahead, here are a few dates to consider/take easy this Libra season.



  • 22 – Sun moves into Libra, Mercury cazimi 
    • What messages do you hear whispered through the breeze as the seasons change? 
  • 25 – New Moon in Libra at 2 degrees
    • Are we willing to be curious about what we truly want, desire, and need in our relationships? Are we ready to make the shifts to meet these dreams?


  • 1 – Saturn in Aquarius squares Uranus in Taurus at 18 degrees
    • In 2021, we saw this aspect occur three times, but at 6 degrees. 
    • What have we learned, if anything, about our relationship to change, community, and our visions for the future? Watch for additional food chain disruptions, public health related news, and/or natural Earth events.
  • 2 – Mercury stationing direct in Virgo at 24 degrees 
    • What have you learned about your body image or health related thoughts? Who sucked your energy or broke your boundaries and who says you “have to” continue communicating with them?
  • 8 – Pluto stationing direct in Capricorn at 26 degrees 
    • When were you right and when were you just holding onto power? What rules keep you small and/or overinflate your ego?
  • 9Full Moon in Aries at 16 degrees
    • How will you let go of the need for speed? When are you willing to slow down and who dictates that for you?
  • 17 – Mercury moves full out of the retrograde shadow period
    • Take a moment to review all that happened since late August.

There are of course plenty other aspects and details to look at from an astrological perspective. You’re more than welcome to book a reading with me to learn more about how they could affect you personally. 


Whether used to celebrate the Sun moving into Libra, or to circle back to sometime this Libra season, here is a quick tarot spread for you. I’ve received feedback that some followers also use these as journal prompts. I’ve tried both prior to posting this and received a lot of insight on a personal level. I hope you enjoy!

New Moon in Libra Tarot Spread


1. How does my mental state impact and/or influence my relationships?


2. What helps me determine if it’s time to let go of a relationship?


3. What shadows am I currently facing and/or recognizing that will help improve my relationships?


4. Where am I holding myself back from being in balance with myself?


5. What changes do I need to make to have a stronger, deeper, more fulfilling relationship with the Earth?

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