New Moon in Cancer Chart and Tarot Spread

Today’s new moon in Cancer (7 degrees, exact 10:52 pm ET) is conjunct Black Moon Lilith and square Jupiter in Aries. The energy leading up to this week has been feeling like that moment when a spaceship prepares to go into hyperspace. May we use this energy to go full in on deep healing and prepare to create the safest home we have ever known.

When we look at this chart in relation to the United States’ chart, it’s no surprise that the recent Dobbs decision is being felt so intensely, whatever your stance. This new moon falls in the United States’ seventh house, highlighting the natal Venus, Jupiter, and Sun. In 1776, those in power claimed independence from the British Empire. A daring act, for sure, and also, in doing so, they limited their definition of independence to a very select group of people. Here we are again, in 2022, revisiting who we are as a country, how we relate to one another, how we care for one another, and what laws we abide by. Will we continue to live in automatic accordance with whatever contracts are set forth by “those in power,” or will we dare to see the power of any group comes from reclaiming our power on an individual level?

Additionally, the transiting Venus conjunct the United States’ natal Mars, and the transiting Mars conjunct the United States’ natal Uranus, all in the sign of Gemini, indicate an opportunity for immense mental growth. The scenario that’s playing in my head when I think of this energy is that of a student-teacher relationship. On one end of the spectrum is a student who complains about not understanding something, gives up on the lesson, and perhaps even blames or criticizes the teacher to avoid their own shame, guilt, or frustration with not getting the lesson quite yet. On the other end of the spectrum is a student who doesn’t quite understand the topic, and yet takes initiative to ask questions or speak up and ask for help, and eventually, over time, break the block they had, resulting in that delicious “a-ha” moment where both student and teacher can celebrate. 



Between now and July 11 (second exact Pluto Return), a lot more will be stirred up in terms of shadow work we have to confront in order to move ahead, both individually, and as a collective that calls this stolen land, the United States. While the American urge to go go go is as strong as ever at this time (see pandemic response), it is important to note that this energy and the effects of this energy, will stick around until November 2024, when Pluto moves into Aquarius for good. 

As someone who has a deep relationship with Pluto, I’d like to highlight the necessity of finding and incorporating ways to stay grounded as you go into your own underworld and that of the United States. Knowing what works for you will help you tremendously when it’s time to come up for air. Without a practice in place, we can fall prey to repeating the past, which reinforces the same power constructs, and leads to the same future, different century. 


May the following tarot spread for the new moon in Cancer help you dare to venture down into the cenotes. 


Our Reading for the Collective

  • What is the general theme of this new moon?
  • Why am I here in (enter home location) at this time?
  • How can I connect to my purpose?
  • What lessons will this new moon provide me the opportunity to learn and implement?
  • How do I move towards unity?
  • Where can I turn when I feel fear take over?
  • 6 of Wands, Queen of Wands: What we choose to water and tend to at this time will bring abundance down the line. We are shifting away from a predominantly masculine way of being and will soon welcome and embrace the feminine, bringing balance and harmony to us and the world around us.
  • 6 of Pentacles (Reversed): We are all participants in the great shift from domination to unity. Individually, we are reviewing our complicity, our values, and our access to having more than enough. Collectively, we are seeing hidden agendas and abuse of power everywhere so we may awaken to the purest definition of “wealth.” 
  • The World: We all have a spiritual purpose and the intense energy felt all around the world is pushing us to acknowledge our impact on oneness. We’re being urged to follow the clues to go within and reflect on our cycles/patterns. 
  • 8 of Cups (Reversed): Our cup will run dry if we fail to connect with and be in communion with Nature.  Stay grounded to stay full of life. When we take time to listen to our intuition, we will shake off manipulative groupthink tactics and start seeing how much more beauty is possible for this world.
  • 6 of Swords: Who taught us to always think of the worst possible scenario? Why do we continue to let that run supreme in our minds? It’s time break free from old, dense, outdated mindsets. For those who astral travel or do leyline work, it is time to plant the seeds for the future. 
  • 2 of Wands: Look at your impulses. How much is an automated response? When did you leave your power behind and start thinking someone else knew better than you? Get curious about what you picked up along the way and why. 

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